August 10, 2018


"Amazing work! Completed new sprinkler work as well as edging a play area with pea gravel, sodding the rest of the backyard and completing with a new patio! Super happy with our new backyard. Small business owners that made a big impact! Thanks Hawkins!"
May 15, 2017

Great service!

"What a great aeration service! Our new grass is growing nicely! Thank you!! "
April 19, 2017

Quality & Professionalism

"The service, quality, and timing of our 7 zone sprinkler install was amazing. I've hired a lot of contractors over the years and I have high expectations with my background in project management. These guys blew me away. They are professional, up front, and bottom line. No hidden charges, they really evaluated the lawns before starting work. Also, I'm a big "do it yourself" kind of person. They talked to me about different options, answered my questions easily, and gave me tips on different projects I have going on outside. I'm not ready to re-sod my lawn yet and they told me about slice seeding my lawn. They offered the service for an amazingly good price so I had that done too. I cannot say enough good things about this company. I wish all contractors used the business model they have. "
September 4, 2015

"I wish I had one of those warm stories. I have 2 retails, I picked them off the internet, they do a great job, prices are good, they will continue to be my lawn service company for many years to come. I'm picking up another rental in the next few months in the same area, I will give them the address, then I will not have to think about it again. For me, HB is just easy."
April 4, 2015

"Working with the Hawkins Bros. Is wonderful. They have great follow- through, do excellent repairs and give very useful advice. I feel lucky to have found them and recommend their service highly!"
Hawkins Brothers Lawn and Sprinkler, Inc.