Sprinkler Systems in Aurora, CO

Your sprinkler systems are your landscape’s lifeline in a climate like Aurora’s, which experiences both the dry, withering heat of a Midwest plain’s summer and the ferocious cold of the Rockies’ snowy winter. Such fluctuations in temperature are hard on your plants, so it’s important that your sprinklers are in good condition to maintain the constancy your lawn irrigation depends on. Hawkins Brothers Lawn and Sprinkler, Inc. provides encompassing service to your sprinkler systems, including:
  • Blowouts:

    Lawn irrigation requires routine sprinkler blowouts to encourage efficient energy usage and to prevent malfunction, particularly when you’re making the transition between seasons. We’ll make the activation and adjustments necessary to optimize your sprinkler’s performance.

  • Sprinkler Repairs:

    Sprinkler systems can be delicate and are susceptible to a number of crippling problems that can cause permanent damage if not seen to promptly. Our trained professionals use only the highest-quality parts and equipment when performing sprinkler repairs to address clogs and damage your sprinkler system may have sustained over the seasons.

  • Sprinkler Installation:

    Whether you’re installing sprinkler systems for the first time or seeking to replace or upgrade the one you already have, we’ll provide efficient sprinkler installation with minimal disturbance to your lawn. To give your home lasting value, we carry the top brands in lawn irrigation, including Hunter, Irritrol, Rainbird, Toro and many others.

  • Sprinkler Winterization:

    Call Hawkins Brothers Lawn and Sprinkler today before winter sets in and damages your underground sprinkler systems. The cold weather will freeze water within your underground sprinkler pipes causing expansion to the point of pipes bursting and leaving you with a flooded lawn come Spring when you use your sprinkler system again. We can flush water from your sprinkler system now to ensure your sprinkler plumbing systems are fully winterized and ready for freezing without damage.


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