Never Perform Your Own Sprinkler Blowout in Aurora, CO

Never Perform Your Own Sprinkler Blowout in Aurora, CO

October 14, 2016

If you have lived in the Aurora area long enough, you know that it is sprinkler blowout season. The winterization of your sprinkler system in Aurora, CO is essential, as it reduces the chance of frozen lines and expensive repairs. However, there are many websites offering instructions on how to complete this work as a weekend do-it-yourself project. For reasons related to effectiveness and safety, this is not a good idea. Here are five reasons why you should call the pros instead:

  • Correct equipment: Homeowners who attempt this on their own use non-commercial air compressors, which indicate their power by PSI. This does not take into account what is important for sprinkler winterization, which is cubic feet per minute (CFM). You need at least 13 CFM to effectively blowout your sprinklers, and non-commercial air compressors only offer between seven and 10 CFM. This means it is very likely you will put in a lot of work only to have your sprinkler lines freeze and burst anyway.
  • Safety: During a sprinkler blowout, the handling of compressed air includes opportunities for injury. That is why it is important to wear eye protection and stay away from sprinkler components. However, not all people take this warning seriously, and if you are frustrated with making this new project work, you may not notice someone who is too close to your sprinkler heads, pipes or valves. It is best to outsource this job and arrange for an appointment when you and other household members are not home. That allows for this task to be completed safely and effectively.
  • Pressure control: Non-commercial air compressors offer up to 150 PSI. Thinking more is better, people will often turn it up to the maximum without realizing that this is also not a safe practice. It can cause systems to blow up or result in expensive damage. Since we have been doing this for a while, we know how to control pressure and keep our compressors running at the correct CFM.
  • Distractions: When we are at your house doing a sprinkler winterization in Aurora, CO, it is the sole focus of our attention. When you attempt this as a DIY project, however, you may be facing multiple distractions, whether it is additional home chores, children needing attention or a telephone call. This places you at risk of leaving the air compressor unattended, which is never a good idea, or wandering into harm’s way in order to address another issue. Distractions also slow down the rate at which you complete the blowout, so if you are pressed for time, it increases your chances of making mistakes.
  • Skipped steps: We have repaired damage from homeowners who believed that, once the blowout was complete, they were done. Unfortunately, that was not quite the case. Leaving flow sensors installed and letting them freeze all winter often requires their replacement in spring. Manual drain valves can fill with water and freeze, causing the same problem you sought to avoid. Rather than risk not doing this right and having to call us anyway, call us now to complete this maintenance and avoid damage.

To schedule your sprinkler blowout in Aurora, CO, call Hawkins Brothers Lawn and Sprinkler, Inc. today. We will keep the lifeline to your landscape functioning well!

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